Premier Jewelry Store in San Francisco, CA

Nick Engel & Co. is the premier source for local, custom made wedding jewelry in the San Francisco Bay area. We carry a curated selection of exquisite wedding bands and engagement rings in our store in the Castro. If you'd like to have a custom ring made just for you, we offer design and fabrication services. A custom wedding ring will tell a story about you and your loved one. We also offer a Build Your Own wedding band workshop for engaged couples to experience metalsmithing hands on, and build their partners wedding band to cherish forever. Making your own rings from scratch allows you to create a piece that you truly love. Whether you're looking to design a set of wedding bands or repurpose an heirloom stone, Nick Engel & Co. will create a beautiful and unique piece. For the past 25 years, Nick Engel has created wedding rings and custom jewelry pieces for people across the San Francisco CA area and more. To learn more about our selection of locally made jewelry, contact our store.