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Sustainability & Transparency


We are Sustainably Selective

As a commitment to our livelihood and especially to our clients, we take the greatest care in ensuring that the materials that we source are conflict-free and positive for our planet. Here’s how we do it:


  • Our engagement rings use mostly repurposed (recycled) diamonds from trusted vendors or high-quality diamonds from Canada. 

  • All our precious metals are refined, not mined. This removes us from the destructive process of mining metals from the earth.

  • We select our trusted vendors based on longevity, responsibility, and compliance with ethical and sustainability guidelines.

  • We understand that sustainability is a key priority for many clients. Don’t hesitate to contact us about our sourcing practices.

We Value Transparency

One of the biggest hangups that many couples have when choosing engagement and wedding jewelry is the price.

At Nick Engel & Co, we price our custom jewelry to bring you the treasure of your dreams at the best value possible. Here is how that works:


  • After consulting with our team regarding your custom piece, we will provide an estimate with the cost of the materials.


  • Once both parties are in agreement, we will be in communication regarding the status of your project.


To put it simply, we want you to have peace of mind when you have your ring on your hand.

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