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Pricing & Financing


Most bridal jewelry shoppers are first-time customers and don't know what to expect when discussing a budget for their rings. Have no fear — we aim to bring you the most value and confidence in your choice.


For custom pieces, check our Custom page and Sustainability page to learn how the process works, from design to delivery. If a stone is included in your piece, once it's sourced, we will then begin creating the piece around it. Our project buy-in depends on the metal you choose:

  • Silver: $1,200​+

  • Gold: $2,800+

  • Platinum: $3,100+

The total price will vary based on the stone you choose, the metal, and the overall design.

For our DIY Wedding Ring workshop, the flat fee is $1,600 for weekdays or $1,850 for weekends, plus the cost of materials you choose — listed below:

Screen Shot 2023-10-06 at 1.55.03 PM.png


We want to ensure that your dream engagement or wedding ring won't break the bank. This is why we recommend first chatting with Nick about your project to see if his estimate fits within your budget. There's no commitment involved with the consultation, and you get a ballpark price on how much your project will cost.


We also work with Affirm to offer self-service payment plans to our customers, allowing them to customize their payments from one month to two years. Based on a successful credit check and the length of the plan, many customers are eligible for 0% interest payments, while other customers enjoy having easy, automated payments over 1–2 years at a 5–10% interest rate.


Questions about pricing or financing? Let's chat!

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