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How to Get Married (Without Breaking the Bank!)

Updated: Feb 15

How much is a wedding really?

Well, as you probably already know, the true answer is really up to you and your partner. But factor in your family (and their lovely opinions), guests, food, jewelry, and the DJ who you specifically asked not to play Pitbull, and you might find yourself with a tab that you didn't say "I do" to.

That's why we created a financial guide to wedding planning that will give you a reference as well as simple ways to bring down the cost of getting married - after all, you just need two right?

Understanding the wedding costs and keeping a budget can save you time and obviously money (and also, from personal experience, family drama). So here's what you need to know...

In 2021, the average cost of a wedding was $28,000 ($34,000 including the engagement ring). This price accurately reflects moving away from the micro-wedding trends that happened during COVID and a return to in-person events and venues.