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How to Create A Timeless Engagement Ring

The first step of your life commitment for your partner, an engagement ring places you in the age-old tradition of using jewelry to signify the next step in your relationship. therefore, it’s vital that this engagement ring is equipped to stand the test of time both physically and emotionally; with our rings, we hope that their beauty gives you the warm fuzzies in your stomach 20 years down the line.

Especially with a custom engagement ring (although we do offer fabulous ones on display),

think carefully about their aesthetic and try to capture it in the details. Do they have a favorite color or particular jewelry style? If they're low-key and prefer the classics, a solitare diamond on a simple gold ring might just be what they're looking for. If they're looking to stand out, a princess cut gem (diamonds, rubies, sapphires - we got 'em all!) with a sparkling diamond halo would be more suitable.