5 Questions to Plan the Perfect Engagement

Updated: Sep 22

The best part of an engagement proposal is that it is a pivotal moment of love that neither person will forget. On the other hand, if things go badly, you’ll probably hear about it till death do you part.

That’s why we’re here to help! Here are five questions (plus one bonus question) to ask your partner that will help you get the desired result when you’re down on that knee. Ask them right, and you'll also figure out a blueprint to the perfect engagement ring and romantic date plan. Cheers to you, young (or youthful) lovebird, we’re rootin' for ya!

Q 0: Hypothetically, do you want to plan the proposal together as a couple, or do you want me to surprise you?

Oh yes, the easiest question that could save SO much stress and trouble for both sides. Your partner mostly likely has thought of their engagement in their head already, and you’re over here hurting yourself trying to read their mind. Save yourself the trouble, and you might find yourself a partner in crime (and in marriage).

Q 1: Have you talked about getting engaged with family and your friends?

A surprise, eh? Well, as they say, keep your friends close and your mother closer. Friends and family are an invaluable source of intel on what their perfect proposal would look like. Since they’ve probably gifted your loved one jewelry at some point, they may have an idea of their ring size, too.

Q 2: Did you notice that friend of yours that got engaged recently? What did you like about their engagement? What about their ring?

The Joneses are a great way to model your own engagement plans: people are getting super creative with engagement rings, proposals, and ways to announce the engagement. But there is a fine line between imitation and creative incorporation; take note of the elements that create a spark in your significant other so you can light a fire of your own.

Q 3: Do you care about diamonds? Does size matter? Do you want to design the ring(s) together?

You might have to slide this question in stealthily, but this question might save you a TON of money. Many do prefer the classic diamond & gold that comes with tradition. But nowadays there is a growing number of couples that are open to gems like sapphires and emeralds that are different yet affordable.

Not surprisingly, more people are attracted to the option of co-designing their engagement rings because 1) they’ll be showing it off for life, and 2) they want to express themselves by personalizing their jewelry.

Q 4: Do you remember our first date? What’s the perfect date now?

Nostalgia is the secret sauce when it comes to romance, and a reminder of how y’all met is the perfect way to bring things full-circle and tie the knot.

But wait, there’s more! With the second question, you can combine their current perfect date + memories of your first date = increased feels and chance of success.

Q 5: Do you want it to be public or private? Who, if anyone, do you want to be present?

Remember, the proposal isn’t about you, it’s about you and your partner being together forever, and the proposal can set the tone of this next chapter.

And especially with something as intimate as an engagement, the goal is to make the special moment as comfortable and as meaningful as possible.

All the beautiful people in our world have different personalities and families, and asking these questions communicates a high level of care and respect that they will certainly appreciate, and they'll love you for it.

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We appreciate you for reading! Proposals can be nerve-wracking and stressful, so following this guide will set you on the best foot (or knee) to start the journey with the love of your life. Good luck!!

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