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5 Questions to Plan the Perfect Engagement

Updated: Feb 15

The best part of an engagement proposal is that it is a pivotal moment of love that neither person will forget. On the other hand, if things go badly, you’ll probably hear about it till death do you part.

That’s why we’re here to help! Here are five questions (plus one bonus question) to ask your partner that will help you get the desired result when you’re down on that knee. Ask them right, and you'll also figure out a blueprint to the perfect engagement ring and romantic date plan. Cheers to you, young (or youthful) lovebird, we’re rootin' for ya!

Q 0: Hypothetically, do you want to plan the proposal together as a couple, or do you want me to surprise you?

Oh yes, the easiest question that could save SO much stress and trouble for both sides. Your partner mostly likely has thought of their engagement in their head already, and you’re over here hurting yourself trying to read their mind. Save yourself the trouble, and you might find yourself a partner in crime (and in marriage).