All of our jewelry is handmade by our team using high-quality recycled platinum, gold, sterling silver, and conflict-free, ethically-sourced diamonds and gemstones. We take pride in the construction and craftsmanship that goes into our products. 

Light and Heat

It is crucial to be aware of exposing your fine jewelry to the elements. Fragile or treated gems that are exposed to extreme heat or light can result in alteration of color and durability.

An example would be emerald, which is often naturally included and can develop cracks or pale or darken in color when exposed to extreme temperature/light


Much like light or heat, chemicals are something to be aware of when wearing fine jewelry. Gems and metals alike can become discolored when they come in contact with abrasive chemicals.

Familiar everyday substances such as perfume, hairspray, or chlorinated pools can be incredibly harsh and could cause permanent damage to surfaces such as the nacre of a pearl

Ultrasonic Cleaners

The ultrasonic is a fabulous way of using high current vibrations to shake loose any build up from daily wear. A staple for jewelers, one must be cautious when working with this machine as certain soft, porous, filled, or heat treated stones may not be cleaned with this method.

Due to the high vibration, gems set in a specific style are subject to chip, to potentially become un-set during the process. Always check in with a jeweler before using this method.

Safe and Reliable Cleaning

The ideal solution to keeping jewelry clean is, in fact, the most simplistic! A small bowl of warm water with a dab of mild dish soap and a toothbrush is all you need. Dry with a soft, lint-free towel (we love microfiber cloths.) 

You may clean sterling silver pieces the same way, however, to remove tarnishing you will specifically want to use a polishing cloth.


For most jewelry, you will want to store it in a dry place where they are kept separate from one another preventing scratches (like a jewelry box.) 

Keep in mind that some gems such as opal or pearl draw moisture from the air - these "living stones" are not ideal to store in dry elements. 

Ongoing Care

Every 6 months or so (depending on your lifestyle) you may take your piece to be professionally cleaned and inspected for structural integrity.

This allows for necessary repair work such as re-tipping prongs or filling cracks to be caught early on. Remember, jewelry is meant to be well loved, embrace wearing your pieces and maintaining them to be passed along to future generations.