Nick Engel & Co.

Fine Jewelry & Custom Design

Fine Jewelry Design, Restoration & Repair. Based in San Francisco, offering handmade custom jewelry for weddings and special occasions. 

Our custom designs combine your personality with our artistry to create something beautiful and unique to treasure for a lifetime. 

If you can dream it, Nick can craft it.

Happy Couples

Nick Engel & Co enjoys working with and getting to know couples as they go from dating to engaged and married. Nick works one-on-one with each couple as they pick out the ring that will change their lives. He makes sure the ring is perfectly customized to both their style and budget and teaches the couple how to care for their new ring. Nick also enjoys including them in the building process by showing them how to weld and smooth the rings metal themselves.

Learn more about our happy couples as they made the most important jewelry purchase of their lives and how each individual couple found a custom Nick Engel ring as unique as each of their love stories.

Sara & Andi

Engagement & Wedding photos credit: Guido Müllerke

"We decided to make our wedding rings ourselves to not only personalize the bands, but also personalize the experience. Our goal was to create simple, matching rings whose beauty came from our hearts and hands. Also, as scientists, we were curious to learn how a wedding ring was made. When we first saw the strips of platinum, it was hard to believe that at the end of the day, we would walk out with two perfectly fitted rings. Nick's relaxed teaching style set the tone for the afternoon - he answered all of our questions, provided the appropriate amount of guidance, and made the process fun. We are thrilled to have found Nick and absolutely love our rings. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts."

Ashley & Pascal

Wedding hands photo credit: Allie Hughey. Wedding rings photo by Cathy Stancil Photography

"Nick was super straightforward and casual. No pressuring me at all, he was really nice throughout the whole process. He mentioned that Ashley could come in and put the final brushed finish on my ring, which I really liked. That way she actually had a hand in the making of the ring! You can't say that about most other places.  I love the ring that Nick made for me. It's classic, simple, and handsome with a unique twist." Read More.

Hannah & Wil  

Wedding photo credit: Tara Luz Stevens 

"It was so great to work with Nick - we had some custom design ideas that we’d taken to a few other jewelers before we heard about Nick, and where they had been cautious and reluctant about our ideas, Nick was enthusiastic and positive. He made it clear that there were challenges in making the ideas come to life, but he embraced the challenge instead of trying to persuade us to go a different route. We really enjoyed, and appreciated, this chance to be so closely involved throughout the design process - and one month after our wedding, we are loving wearing our wedding rings. Thank you Nick!" 

Kate & Spencer

"Nick was very patient and willing to help throughout the whole process. The ring was exactly what we have envisioned: with vintage touches, beautiful yet simple. Nick did a great job. I couldn't be happier with the ring, and Kate completely agrees!" Read More.

Shannon & Brian

"The ring is amazing and beautiful and well made and exactly what I had in mind. Thank you so much for your help and expertise through this creation of this ring." Read More.

Jen & Erik

Erik met Nick at Jen's sister's wedding, he joked with Erik, "He said that when it was my turn, to give him a call. I took him up on the offer. I knew nothing about how rings are made: diamonds chosen, pricing, anything. But Nick walked me through everything, patiently educating me on each step, and it turned out to be a surprisingly enjoyable experience." Read More. 

Lindsay & Curt

"Nick was fantastic throughout and I feel like we're old friends at this point.  He's been responsive, helpful every step of the way, goes above and beyond, and of course, did a phenomenal job with the ring. Most importantly, Lindsay loves her ring." Read More.

Anne & Brett

"I went to Nick to make a custom engagement ring for Anne. The ring is unique, elegant, and beautiful, and Anne is literally obsessed with it. Nick knew what I was looking for better than I did, he's also just a genuinely great guy, and helped me every step of the way through what would otherwise have been a daunting process. He made one of the most important events in our lives that much more special." Read More.