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Fine Jewelry Design, Restoration & Repair. Based in San Francisco, offering handmade custom jewelry for weddings and special occasions. 

Our custom designs combine your personality with our artistry to create something beautiful and unique to treasure for a lifetime. 

If you can dream it, Nick can craft it.


Our custom designs combine your personality with our artistry to create something beautiful and unique to treasure for a lifetime. 

"Nick truly loves his craft, cares about his clients, and holds himself to the highest standards."

Nick is a phenomenal jeweler and person. My brother-in-law worked with him to create my sister's engagement ring about 8 years ago, and they recommended him highly. When I came to him with some ideas for my fiancé's engagement ring he patiently and enthusiastically worked with me to design the perfect ring. It's one of a kind, as is all of his work, and this was important to us. We couldn't be happier with the end result, and he's been so great about any follow-up - offering cleanings, any/all maintenance for life.

I STRONGLY recommend his "build your own" workshop for wedding bands. Over 5-6 hours on a Saturday, my fiancé and I each built each other's wedding bands from scratch. Along with the symbolic meaning behind this process, it was also just a blast spending the day with him. Afterwards, we got a beautiful book with pictures from the day, something we'll always be able to look back on. He truly loves his craft, cares about his clients, and holds himself to the highest standards without even a hint of pretension.

~ Anders F.


"Nick was super helpful during every step...I couldn't be happier with the ring!"

Nick did a great job working with my girlfriend and I to create the perfect engagement ring. I had an old ring from a great aunt and he was able to take the Amethyst, recut it, and reuse the gold and turn it into a classic looking ring with the main stone surrounded in diamonds.

I was a very unsure customer as I have no experience in women's jewelry and Nick was super helpful during every step, providing advice, AutoCAD mocks, etc. to help me find the right design. 

I couldn't be happier with the ring, and my fiance completely agrees! Thanks again Nick!

~ Spencer H. 


"Nick is epic awesome and talented...Bring him your crazy/cool project!"

Nick is epic awesome and talented. He is good at delicate repairs, but his real super power is with custom design projects. He is super creative and has a good eye for simple, clean looks that are really well made and solid quality.

I have brought a few projects to him so far and he is always timely, reasonable and awesome to work with. I had tried a few repair places in the bay area before and Nick was way better, so when I needed to make something important I went to him and he totally knocked it out of the park.

Bring him your crazy/cool project. I am seriously recommending him to all my guy friends that might be getting engaged/married. He is also a really nice person, so bonus points there.

~ Lia Wilson, Engagement Ring Expert at Little Bird


"The personalization of these pieces, and keeping something from your past as part of today, was the best part of this entire process."

I've had this family ring for maybe 15 years, only wearing it a few times whenever my Grandfather, who gifted it to me, would come to visit. To me the ring always looked dated and leaving it tucked away in my jewelry box taking up space felt like a waste. I'm not really sure where and how my Grandfather acquired this ring and not knowing him really well and only hearing wild/clandestine stories about him growing up, your guess is as good as mine! I like to think he bought this somewhere just for me, since it is my birthstone, but you never know. 

I've always wanted an eternity diamond band and a pinky ring so I thought what better way to keep the memory of my Grandfather alive than by transforming the stones from this ring into pieces I actually like and will wear everyday. I found Nick on Yelp, he had great reviews and the pictures from the pieces that he had created on his site blew me away. His designs were modern and fresh and fit the exact look I was going for. My first meeting with Nick was really smooth. I had some pictures on my phone of what I wanted but basically I trusted him enough to let him run with it after he saw a few pictures of rings I liked. 

When it was time to pick up the final piece I was delighted. The ring turned out better than the vision I had in my head. The personalization of these pieces, and keeping something from your past part of today, was the best part of this entire process. Now I have something that will stand the test of time. My pinky ring is amazing I wear it everyday and have had so many compliments on it. I plan on going back to Nick again for another jewelry piece soon! 

~ Stephanie H.


"We really liked Nick's energy and passion for designing jewelry...It was a very exciting time..."

The ring we used when we were married was passed down to us.  No one really knew its history and it did not have any history for us.  When the ring broke last year, we started talking about a new ring.

A colleague mentioned Nick.  We met him and really liked his energy and passion for designing jewelry.  And, more importantly, he was interested in what we wanted and to make us happy. We loved our design consultations with Nick. We began to think of him as a long time friend.  He listened to us, educated us about stones and settings,  and was very patient as we began to bring our vision into shape.  

It was a very exciting time. Because our family gave us our first wedding ring we never had the opportunity to go out and pick a wedding ring.  Working with Nick made us feel like a young couple picking our  ring for our marriage.  Beyond the actual beautiful ring Nick designed for us, this was the unexpected gift, and we love the ring.  The diamond has a traditional cut and the blue of the sapphires is just right. Thank you Nick.

~ William & Carla


"You captured an essence about me that's reflected in the rings..."

I got the rings today and they are GORGEOUS! I love them so much. You did an amazing job at capturing a spirit about me that is expressed through the rings. They are beautiful, simple, natural - a true piece of art - all the words we talked about before their creation. 

You captured an essence about me that's reflected in the rings. They are the most beautiful rings I own. And I cannot wait to wear them - every day.

Thank you for adding to my special day. But more importantly, for designing something so wonderful that I am proud to own and wear.

Meg H.


"The experience was flawless."

Scott created this ring himself! LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR BUILD YOUR OWN OPTION.

My experience with Nick Engel was phenomenal. Nick helped me design and make a custom engagement ring start to finish.

His knowledge and expertise helped me feel confident and comfortable designing and making the most important piece of jewelry I will ever buy in my lifetime.

Nick was by side through the whole process start to finish. His ability to teach, coach, and support me through the process empowered me to be the creator of a "fine piece of jewelry." He's a truly gifted artist, who opened up his studio to me to create a meaningful symbol of love.

My fiancée loves the engagement ring and she was moved by the fact that I created the ring start to finish. Thank you Nick Engel for sharing your studio and your professional advice and support. 

~ Scott M.


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