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Lindsay & Curt

Falling in Love

Lindsay and Curt met at Boston College in 2005 and quickly developed a close friendship.  It took Curt about 2 years until Lindsay "officially" agreed to date him in 2007.  They spent the first 3 years in a long distance relationship but moved in together in 2011, and in 2012 got a puppy and moved to San Francisco together.  Curt's 2014 new years resolution was to "finally put a ring on it!"  

Creating the Ring

It took about 6 months to find and create the perfect ring, "Nick was fantastic throughout and I feel like we're old friends at this point.  He's been responsive, helpful every step of the way, goes above and beyond, and of course, did a phenomenal job with the ring. Most importantly, I trust him and he's the only person I'd recommend to anyone going forward.  Lindsay loves her ring.  I've also got to give a shout out to Lia Wilson, my ring consultant who helped find the diamond and brought me to Nick.  She was a huge help and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for an expert in their corner as they go through this process:" - Curt

The Proposal

Curt wanted to wait to go back to Boston for the 2014 holiday season for the proposal.  

"My original plan was thwarted when there was no snow and the park I was going to propose in was much less pleasing to the eye than I had originally envisioned.  But fortunately, and thanks to some very helpful friends, I was able to come up with an even better plan b.  Early in our relationship I planned a surprise dinner for Lindsay on the rooftop of my apartment.  It was far too cold for rooftops in December so instead I got us a suite at a beautiful hotel that had panoramic views of the city and left a bottle of champagne with a note on it asking her to pack a bag and meet me there.  I got the room, take out, wine, champagne, roses, and candles, but of course, I forgot to actually take a picture of the bottle and note in the fridge so she would even know to look.  This ended with me awkwardly telling her over the phone to look in the fridge...luckily it worked out in the end!

 I've never been able to keep a surprise from Lindsay, ever.  So she knew for weeks that something was up because I was acting weird. When she arrived at the hotel from what I could surmise she was excited and a bit nervous that 20 people were going to pop out from under the bed or something.  We had a great dinner in the room with food and wine. I waited about half way through dinner to propose, calling it a Christmas celebration when she came in.  Most importantly, she said yes!  We got to celebrate together just the two of us for until I let her know that her parents, who of course already knew, wanted to have a drink with us downstairs to celebrate.  When we walked into the bar, the entire place was filled with our family and friends for a surprise celebration which I had been orchestrating over the past several days.  We hadn't seen most of these people in over 6 months and it was truly amazing and overwhelming at the same time - I don't think either of us could have asked for a better ending to a fantastic night.  And this is also where I learned a valuable lesson about double surprises.  I'm inevitably not going to be able to keep the first secret but she never saw the second one coming!" - Curt 

"Truthfully, I find it incredibly endearing that Curt has a hard time keeping secrets and surprises from me. Curt did an amazing job making our engagement day so wonderful. He recreated one of our most memorable dates in all of its sweetest intentions and simplicity just perfectly. More than anything he captured the feelings that we had for each other that night so many years ago and made me feel as special as I did then. Although I've known for a long time that we plan to spend our lives together, I was still so excited to have him ask me. Then he really made us both feel so overwhelmingly loved by surprising me (and himself) with so many of our friends and family all together on that night. We were both blown away by their love and presence. 

As for the ring, it is absolutely gorgeous and I LOVE it. It is all of things that I had hoped for and more! The setting is classic but still unique and the petite diamonds around the band complement the center stone beautifully. It rests low and delicately on my finger which is exactly what I wanted. Nick is sweet to give Curt all the credit, although I know it was tough to balance the delicate look with a sound construction. Nick explained how he designed and built it and how to care for it going forward and has been a dream to work with. We both trust him and couldn't recommend him enough!" - Lindsay